For many of us, Thanksgiving will be the first time we’ve gone home since moving to college. For all of us, Thanksgiving will be the first long trip home. So while you’re home, you might as well take advantage of what you can


  1. Good Food. Especially as a freshman stuck with dining halls, I know I miss real food. Not that I don’t like the food here, it just gets old after awhile. Your parents missed you, so let them treat you like royalty and ask them to make all your favorite food.
  2. Seeing Your High School Friends. Going away to school is
    when you really see which of your high school friends will stick around. So make plans to see and catch up with your best friends.
  3. Being In Your Own Space. You get a week without roommate! Enjoy a room to yourself. Enjoy a big, comfy bed. And enjoy sleeping.
  4. 0511-0811-0418-5942_College_Student_Coming_Home_with_His_Laundry_clipart_image.jpgLaundry. If you haven’t learned this yet, doing your own laundry sucks. And most of the washing machines and dryers in the residence halls are awful. I’m not telling you to bring all of your clothes home and dumping them on your mom to wash, but definitely wash the things you do bring home.
  5. Playing with Your Pets. Let’s be honest: the one thing we all miss the most from home is our pets. I know the first thing I’m gonna do when I get home is play with my dog and soak up all of love from her I can.
  6. Deal with Appointments. This one isn’t as fun, but it definitely should be done. You don’t want to deal with having to find new doctors or

    hairdressers in your college town, so take care of it all when you’re home. And schedule the appointments with your doctor/dentist/hair salon/manicurist ahead of time.